Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Recovery Gel Cream Review

This week's review has been a long time coming, but here it is at last: my one, my only, my true beauty love: the Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Recovery Gel Cream aka The Precious.
Snow White + Snail Gel = <3 4ever
You've heard me talk about it before, but like the mythical unicorn, it was always alluded to without details.  Well, the wait is over!  Let's do this!


Full product name: Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Recovery Gel Cream
Purpose: A gel-type moisturizer, designed to be a final "sealing" step in a multi layer skincare regimen (part 1, part 2), but it's wonderful on its own too.  It contains 74% snail filtrate, and is "KFDA certified" (take that as you will) for wrinkle care.
Texture: A translucent gel on the thicker side, but definitely not a "cream" as the packaging would imply.
Scent:  Minimal.  Unoffensive.  Sort of like Cetaphil, maybe?  Not very floral or herb-y.
Quantity: 45ml, comes in a squeeze tube.
Availability:  Luckily this is now widely and cheaply available, at $9 from Amazon, and $6 from ebay, but I would not pay over $10 for it.  It's around $5 from Korean sites like RoseRoseShop, but then you have to consider shipping.
Price: $5-$10, and I am on my 3rd or 4th umpteenth tube.  I've bought 8 of them over the summer alone, although half of those are back ups after I kept running out.
Rating:  5/5 There are no words, memes, or images I can present to express the depth of my love for this product. <3
Repurchase:  It's all I can do not to hoard a 6 month supply, because I might be tempted to stash them in a dark corner of our bedroom, crooning "Precioussss" while I lovingly pet them, and balefully glare at my spouse when he dares to invade my lair.  At that point, I'm risking losing all my hair and becoming a wizened goblin, if movies are anything to go by.  So let's just leave it at "yes, I will repurchase it, a lot."

Full Review:

Although it's more popular now, last year when I was hunting down reviews of this gel in the wake of my new-found love for Mizon's Snail BB cream (reviewed) it was hard to find anything that wasn't a shill for a retailer.  That's always my complaint with trying to find Asian product reviews online, and the reason I started this blog in the first place.

Although the Mizon Snail BB cream was encouraging, I was still pretty terrified of the whole snail business, but this "Snail Recovery Gel" was the beginning of the end.  Resistance was futile.  As much as putting on what my husband disgustedly describes as "snail grease" had a serious ick factor, once I experienced the beautifully hydrating, plumping, soothing, smoothing, softening effect of this magic in a tube, I was hooked.

I use this as a solution for everything.  I use it on dry skin patches on my cheeks.  On my oily t-zone.  On skin tender from overzealous Clarisonic/Deep Oil Cleansing.  On blemishes in the middle of healing.  On angry blemishes that stubbornly refuse to @#$%! heal already.  On blemishes that are about to crop up.  Did I mention this stuff is amazing against acne?!  In case I didn't, snail gel + acne = unbelievable healing turnaround.  Skin "recovery" indeed!

Rather than rehash why snail goo is so brilliant to put on your skin, I am just going to quote this section from said snail BB cream review:
Snail filtrate (meaning it's harvested [cruelty-free] from a species of snail farmed just for this purpose, and then filtered) is famous for it's skincare benefits, which include speeding the healing process of any wound, which means it helps heal your acne more quickly and without scarring.  Seriously, just google it.
To me, that's huge.  As long as the little guys are not harmed, I'm all for anything that will help me combat the acne that continues to plague me right into my 30's.  It is also linked to various skin benefits and supposedly it has been clinically tested to confirm that it does in fact have chemicals in it that assist with regenerating the skin, as snails rely on healing abrasions, preventing infection, and quickly reducing inflammation so they are not compromised by whatever sharp nasty things they are gliding over.
Makes sense when you think about it that way, doesn't it?  It would be like dragging the inside of your lips over any and all surfaces; you wouldn't survive if you didn't have a way to keep the ensuing abrasions and contamination from killing you.
So basically, it's designed to heal wounds faster.  Hence the effect it has on everything from blemishes trying to form to the stubborn ones that won't go away.  Since I have started using it, breakouts that would have taken a week to heal are gone in days, and blemishes that would have grown into horrendous paper-bag-headwear-day levels were smaller and less red or sometimes went away before they came fully to the surface.  Score!

It won't prevent acne, but damn does it do a better job of hustling it along the path to healing than anything else I have ever tried.  It's just so calming and soothing.  If I have an arriving blemish that is sore to the touch (so I know it's going to be big and horrible when it gets here) I will dab on some snail gel before bed and when I wake up, the redness/inflammation and soreness is drastically reduced by morning.  That means I won't be making it worse by absently touching/scratching at it during the day because it's irritating!  As much as that's a little TMI, you can't tell me it's not human nature to unconsciously poke at things that irritate you/hurt.  Why else were we unable to resist poking at our loose teeth as kids, even if it was the night before school pictures?!

Anyway, I digress.  It comes in a cute box, and my latest batch had this fancy-looking holographic sticker.

Full on holographic goodness!
 While my first thought was "Oooh, shiny!" because I am a human and I am attracted to shiny things, my second thought was that Mizon must have been targeted for fakes and these stickers are an attempt to confirm authenticity, so buyers beware on where you pick it up.

Even a few months ago, Mizon was all but unheard of (and I've been researching Asian products with a passion for over a year) so I suspect that the blogosphere is blowing up about them, and it's well-deserved.  As you may be aware, Skin79 BB creams are among the most-faked products out there, and they've got constantly-changing security features in an attempt to stay ahead of the fakes.  I will cry if my beloved snail gel becomes a victim of the nefarious impostors out there, because not only will it make it harder to find legitimate products, it will run the risk of some tremulous would-be snail experimenter who will end up horribly scarred (possibly literally!) by their run-in with fake products.

There is only one Precious, my friends, and this is it.  Accept no substitutes!  Unless they're from a legitimate company and even better than this product, in which case, I demand that you share this secret immediately.

Anyway, this sturdy little tube comes in a box sharing the same adorable snail motif, and kudos to Mizon for finding such a nonthreatening snail presentation, because everyone I know reacts the same way when I mention snails-- shock, horror, and disgust.  How could you be disgusted at this innocuous pink-and-white packaging with it's subtle snail motif?  The actual colour of the box/tube is closer to the what you see in the sticker close-up above, but this was the best I could do in indoor light.
In case you didn't believe I am addicted to this stuff, do you see how every drop has been wrung out of the empties?
How could you be scared of this little guy?  He's so cartoon-y and harmless looking.  He just wants you to give him a chance ... and you should give him a chance.  I promise he'll do right by you.

The texture is a fairly dense, translucent gel that 'melts' quickly and spreads easily at first, but then changes to a sticky texture as it absorbs into the skin.  While this may sound off-putting, it doesn't stay sticky and your skin will finish off as very smooth and soft, with a lovely refreshing hydrating feeling.  Apparently the Recovery Gel is meant to be your final skincare step before your BB cream, working to 'seal' in your previous product layers and also to ready your skin for your BB cream, so the sticky-to-smooth texture makes sense.  It allows me to skip using a primer (which my skin won't tolerate anyway) by smoothing out my skin texture while also giving a bit of non-greasy surface for my BB cream to stick to.

 Here you can see how it progresses from the gel to a melted texture, where it spreads easily and then within 30 seconds it absorbs completely, leaving the skin soft and hydrated with no film.

My skin seems to really drink in the moisture and stays nicely hydrated and plumped up for hours afterwards, and although it doesn't prevent my t-zone from getting oily (especially now that the weather is warming up) it does delay it by keeping my skin hydrated so my forehead doesn't go nuts with oil production.  I mentioned the smoothing effect earlier, but I want to clarify that it doesn't feel like a layer of something on your skin, it just feels like your skin is softer and smoother than normal.

It will not replace your heavy-duty moisturizer, and I sill layer several products including my Skin79 White Reviving Cream on my dry areas, but as the summer approaches I will probably rely more and more on it as my primary moisturizer because it's so light and refreshing.

The primary ingredient in this gel is of course the snail filtrate, but it does also have a whole host of other things in it, some of which some people may react to, so I recommend reviewing the ingredients list before you purchase it.  I have highly reactive skin, and this gel has been nothing but angel dust and unicorn tears for me, but like all products, it may not work for everyone and you should always check the ingredients for things you know you react to.

Click image for readable size
Some of the other active ingredients beyond the snail goodness are:

Wrinkle improvement: Adenosine
Hydration and moisture retention: Hyaluronic Acid, Birch Tree Sap, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil
Skin Firming: Vitamin 5, Allantoin, Copper Tripeptide, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide
Skin protecting/soothing: Centella Asiatica, Portulaca Oleracea, Green Tea, Lotus Extract

Looking at this list, it's not surprising that it contains our old friend Hyaluronic Acid, as it definitely has that telltale hydrating/plumping feel and light texture.

In the official Mizon marketing copy, it pays particular attention to how it "minimizes stimulus of the skin" and is free of dyes, parabens, and artificial scents.  While that's pretty standard here in the west, if you aren't familiar with Asian beauty products you should know they're almost always perfumed if they don't have a naturally distinct scent.

You can read the official copy here, courtesy of a now-defunct eBay seller I have used before.

It also recommends keeping the tube in the fridge for extra coolness, and suggests it's good for "reddish skin by UV or others" which I assume is a translation of sunburn, and although I haven't tested it for this purpose, I bet it would be amazing on both a sunburn and peeling, angry skin.

As far as wrinkle care goes, I have noticed that the horrible wrinkles I have been developing across my forehead under the baleful glare of the Texas sun are looking much better than they have in years.

I can't say that's 100% due to the snails, as I've  got a lot of other things going on in my skincare regimen, but I don't doubt it has been working it's magic.  Even if it wasn't able to turn back the clock, I would use it just for the overall effects it has on my skin texture and luminosity.

Final thoughts:

If you aren't convinced yet that snails on your face might be a good idea, I don't know what else to tell you other than you're really, really missing out if you let the snail factor keep you away.  This little $5 tube of magical snail goodness outperformed the $70 ElishaCoy snail products, hands-down.

Leave me a comment if I've inspired you to test the snail skincare waters, or share your favourite product if you're already a convert, and follow me for updates on upcoming reviews!

All the best,

**Disclaimer: All products reviewed/mentioned in my blog, are 100% purchased with my own money, with a single exception of a press sample I tested & reviewed in 2015 which swore me off of them forever.  This blog contains  both affiliate and non-affiliate links, and clicking the former before you shop means that this blog may receive a small commission to assist in this blog supporting itself.  Please see my Contact Info & Disclaimer policy for more information.


  1. Totally ordering this NOW. I need more of my Skin 79 whitening moisturizer anyway! I can't wait to get it-so glad Pretty and Cute carries it!

  2. Thanks for the review! I was originally looking for opinions about Mizon's Snail Repair Cream, but ended up buying this one instead from the seller you mentioned in your post. (Just a minute ago. :-))
    I think I'll be better off with a gel than a cream considering that summer is coming. :)

    1. You're very welcome! :) I find as the weather warms up, I've been using fewer products and relying heavily on the gel as my primary moisturizer myself. Let me know what you think once you get it!

    2. Hi! Just wanted to give some feedback about this product: I've been using it for more than three weeks now and I'm really impressed. Ever since I started using BB creams, my skin has improved dramatically, and using this one in the evening has proved to be another step up. It really does calm my skin, stops pimples from growing, and as I suspected its light formula is perfect for summer. I've been fighting acne for 19 years and aside from taking the pill, nothing has cleared my skin better than Korean cosmetics. Truth be told, I received a sample of the Snail Recovery Cream from the seller too, and have been alternating between that and this gel. My next order will probably be for the cream as it has given me slightly (but noticeably) better results.
      I could go on and on about how my Mum who's long given up on using any facial moisturizer due to her crazy sensitive skin (and generally hates everything that has to do with cosmetics) has asked me to order Missha's Time Revolution Immortal Youth Serum for her because it does not irritate her skin while practically making her wrinkles disappear...
      Korean cosmetics sort of make me want to start writing my beauty blog again, if only to have a place to ramble about them instead of other people's blogs. :-)

      Thank you very much for your detailed review once again: it has proved to be incredibly useful!

  3. I got this a week ago and am in love! My skin just looks BETTER IN EVERY WAY. And it made a red healing zit calm down on the first use! Seriously it was no longer red when I woke up!

  4. I just stumbled upon this review now, as I was looking at buying it since it's on sale for $5.70 a tube at roseroseshop.com (I SUPER recommend this place, I've only ever gotten the real thing from them). AFter reading this I bought two tubes, since, y'know, if i like it I'll probably blow through the first tube then cry if I'm out.

    1. Thanks for the tip on roserose, because my understanding is that it's the off-ebay version of rubyruby76, which recently hiked the price of the snail gel to $40+ for a tube, claiming that Mizon had caused the price hike by shutting down production. If that's the case, how is it that they can offer it so cheaply at their own personal site ... seems fishy.

      I'm glad I got spares!

    2. whoa, that's strange! I looked at the price of ebay and they're currently selling the snail gel for just over $6 per bottle on there now. I wonder why they'd hike up the price like that for a short amount time then bring it back down. ah well, it will remain a mystery. at least I still managed to get two bottles for $11 lol.

    3. It was really bizarre. I don't understand why they didn't just say "this item is currently in limited stock" as opposed to just jacking up the price while it was difficult to get. That just seems shady to me. Their exact reply was:
      "We made its price high because the company do not produce the item temporarily.
      We are trying to get the item but this time it can not be possible."

      Really? $40+? O_O That being said, now that it's back down to a normal price, I will buy some again but I feel really put off that vendor after this, you know what I mean?

  5. I'm an American living in Korea, and my snow-white pale friend in NYC (whom I showed this blog to) asked me to get her some of the snail gel from Korea when I come visit next month! And I'm going to get a tube for myself, just for fun. :-)

    1. I am jealous of your location in skin care mecca. ;) I hope you (and she) like the snail gel!

  6. "This little $10 tube of magical snail goodness outperformed the $70 ElishaCoy snail products, hands-down. "

    Your review had already convinced me that I NEEDED this for my sensitive acne-prone skin, but that sentence sealed the deal lol.

  7. Replies
    1. I feel your pain - it's a sad truth of skincare that not everythings works for everyone; there have been a few products that are highly recommended by others that just did nothing for me, or worse, broke me out! You just never know.

  8. This was my first snail product ever... mainly because it was cheap and I wasn't sure if I liked snail products. I really liked the gel it just wasn't moisturizing enough and now I'm using it together with the all in one snail cream. I will definitely repurchase this product ^^

  9. Hello. Rubyruby76 sells counterfeit. Or maybe I was just unlucky. She sold me a fake Nature Republic aloe vera gel. I don't know why so many people are recommending her because when I left a feedback about the counterfeit product, she wrote me an email asking me to retract my feedback and offering to give me a full refund if I agreed. That means she KNEW that she was sending me a fake product, though I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because my shipping address is based in Germany and there are no Nature Republic stores here? Unfortunately for her, I am Singaporean and right before I came back to Germany for winter semester, I actually bought a tub of the aloe vera gel from the NR store in Singapore. I paid 9euros including free shipping, so this item is by no means "cheap". I wasn't looking for a cheap deal when I purchased from her ebay store. I simply wanted to replenish my diminishing tub. I'm writing this email because I hope to raise cyber awareness about Rubyruby76. I thought she was a good choice because I did some research and almost all the bloggers recommend her or her store (RoseRoseShop). This must mean she sends counterfeits selectively. Probably only to countries without the brick-and-mortar stores.

    1. Hi there,

      Considering that RoseRoseShop (who runs the ebay store RubyRuby76) is a major and generally respected vendor in the Asian Beauty market, it is really perplexing to imagine them selling counterfeit goods deliberately. Anything is possible, of course.

      Do you have pictures of the fake Aloe Vera Gel that you could send to me? I'd like to look into this further. You can email them to me at snowwhiteandthepear @ gmail.com

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. They might send us used items at times, but there's nothing but a refund can fix. Give SWATP your pictures with a comparison of the real NR aloe vera side by side so she can help you out to spread awareness, and to RubyRuby76.

      Not trying to call you out here, but you are complaining about all Korean websites on comments and forums. Not that I'm denying your rights to complain (no one is), but other than saying that they are selling fake items, and delaying shipments, have you really done anything to fix this? Like contacting them and share to us in any of your blogs what their response are?

      edit: spelling on earlier comment.

    4. Thank you!!! I made a purchase at roseroseshop.com 2 months ago, and your post just made me worried about them sending me fake products, so I checked the items I received and I just realized that I got a fake product as well (Elizavecca green piggy collagen jella pack). Fortunately I can still open dispute on Paypal. I'm going to check the other stuff again.
      I've been using that product for 2 months :(( Oh my God, I don't know what I've put on my face; I've been getting some acnes here and there (I RARELY broke out, usually just 1-2 times in many months), could be because of that, I've been wondering.

  10. I wonder how low this moisturizer measures on the pH scale? I just browsed COSRX Snail Mucin on Wishtrend, and the pH is listed as 6.90.. Hmm...
    If it is low enough, then it might bring some benefits in fighting acne etc, no?

    I bought two ASAP after reading your reviews :D They won't be here until June, though.

    1. A quick pH strip test showed it between 5-5.5, so still within a good range. I hope that you like it; it doesn't work for everyone so I am a bit nervous you may not like it. D:

    2. My skin is pretty tough (LOL) so it's more likely I won't have any problems with it.. I read a lot of reviews saying this performs well under makeup/sunscreen, so that's a plus. *fingers crossed*

  11. Have you used the Benton Snail Bee Essence? If, yes, how does this compare to that?

    1. I have not, because Benton does not use standard preservatives that are required for international shipments. Their packaging includes warnings not to subject their products to heat, cold, or light. Because it's pretty much a guarantee that my products will endure heat during shipment, I stick to products that don't require controlled climate for their entire lifespan to remain stable.

      But, YMMV; if I lived in Korea and could buy their products locally and thus control their temperatures, I'd definitely be willing to give it a shot.

  12. As your review was from a few years ago, have you noticed any change in the formulation? I recently purchased a bottle from Amazon (seller Beautyspace) for approximately $12 & I found the product to be a little different than you described. The box lacked the holographic seal & the gel cream itself felt like it was mostly comprised of glycerin. It never fully absorbed on the skin & remained tacky/sticky (like glyercin!). Is it possible that I received a counterfeit product? I'm in desperate need of a hydrating product that absorbs readily into the skin, one that I can layer a heavier, occlusive cream on top. I've tried Laneige Sleeping Mask with some success, but I'm on the hunt for something with 'stronger' hydration properties, without breaking the bank.

    1. I have not noticed a chance in the formulation but the packaging has definitely been updated and no longer has the holo sticker.

      For hydrating creams, my favourite right now is the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty cream: http://snowwhiteandthepear.blogspot.com/2015/04/review-beauty-of-joseon-dynasty-cream.html

  13. Dear Snow, I just wanted to let you know that my Recovery Gel has arrived and I LOVE it! I have eczema on my eyelids and elbows, and just after a few minutes I felt that the flare-ups significantly went down.
    As a face moisturizer, I have nothing against this, but I guess it needs more time to show results since it's only my first time using the Recovery Gel.

    Why, thanks again for your review (•̪ -̮ •̪)

    1. I am so glad to hear that it is working for you! Thank you so much for updating me. :3

  14. Hi, thanks for the great review! It's been two years since this was published - is this gel-cream still your Preciouss!? I'm asking a friend to buy Korean products for me from Hong Kong and I'm desperately researching what to put in my wish list!

    1. Hi there! I still do love this snails gel and use it regularly (especially in the summer) but unless your friend can get it for around $5 USD, I wouldn't bother as it's around that price online and she can no doubt get some amazing things there that are hard to find. I hear the Duty Free shops have ridiculous prices, for example. :D

  15. Hello Cat, Thanks for the informative post!! I was just wondering how this compares to the all in one snail cream? Also- I've noticed that you live in a desert climate, does that affect the products you order?? I have a list of things I'd really like to order online (moisturizers, essence/toners and face wash) while I'm visiting my bf in the US but he lives in AZ and am worried about products heating up during shipping!! Any tips? I'm assuming all the mizon products are ok in heat?

    1. The AIO (all in one) is more like a whipped essence, so it's actually a hydrating step, and the snail recovery gel is an non-greasy occlusive to seal in hydration into your skin.

      I would try to avoid ordering skincare in high heat, but if you do, make sure they have strong, standard preservatives. I use Cosdna to look up ingredients lists- as long as you see something marked as 'preservative' you should be fine.

      Take care :)

  16. SnowCat! :)

    This is actually one of the first products that I ever bought, since I'm a recovering grad student and tend to buy things at a glacial pace, long after I've researched the living daylights out of it. I just wanted to let you know that it's marvelous. I bought it to hydrate my face and generally make it happier, since I live in coastal/inland Southern California. Technically, it's called "scrubland" and not desert. Anyway, the first thing is that it's working beautifully for my face. Thank you so much for your thorough reviews!

    The second thing is why I am commenting in the first place. Last night, my lip was cut open by a heavily-gloved fist (my sport of choice is shotokan karate; it comes with the territory...). Remembering the thing about snail filtrate healing skin, I put a bit of the Recovery Gel Cream directly on my lip before going to sleep and this morning, before going to work. Mid-morning, the wound had closed! I'm still applying it since it's not completely healed yet, but there is certainly progress. I doubt this is a particularly common use for the Recovery Gel Cream, but I just wanted to say that it works wonderfully for this, too. Yay for the Gel Cream! For me, at least, it really multi-functioned!!!

  17. Where does this go in the skincare regimen? I am wading into K-skincare, and just starting to understand everything.

    I have purchased several products, at your recommendation, skin twin! I want to get this, and just want to know where in my collection it goes :-)

  18. I must be the only person who had a big issue with this product.
    Since I TRULY have sensitive skin, I applied only a minimal amount of this gel to my face. But my result seems to be different from everyone else. All this stuff did was make my face sticky and gooey feeling. And it was still a bit tacky in the morning. There was no hydrating, no plumping, no benefit that I could see. I tried it again the following night with the same annoying result. I bought 3 tubes of this because I got a good deal, but now I get to sell them off on eBay where sellers are just about giving it away. Honestly, I have tried several other Korean products and have found them all to be a lot of hype. The fact that there's no English on the packaging alarms me. I guess most women today will put anything on, or into their bodies just because others rave about it.

  19. Hello! :")
    I am currently a teen with oil acne-prone skin with lots of blackhead. I am searching for a moisturiser / cream for my skincare regime and I was wondering if you could recommend me one. Another possible moisturiser is the Mizon Multi-function All In One Snail Repair Cream. Which product would you recommend me to use, this Gel Cream or the other All In One Cream?
    Thank you!!! :")

  20. Hello Cat!
    Just stumbled upon your blog and read through a lot of stuff about skincare, layering, blah blah blah :D Well, long story short, I am quite confused. Would you be so kind as to answer my questions?

    I want to buy the COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A Sol as a way to introduce my skin to the actives (I know you said it's not really working as such, but it is still doing something and it does have the BHA and AHA even if in lower percentage/levels) and I kinda understood from all of the info that it should go after cleansing and before moisturizing toner an other stuff, correct? My question is, do I have to wait those cca 15 minutes after washing my face (I usually use the egg white pore cleanser from skin food) before applying this stuff too?
    Also, what are your thoughts on the egg white pore cleanser? I searched online and the bloggers are warning about high PH levels of it, but I have a sensitive/oily skin and have never had any problems with the product. It doesn't cause any irritation, more like the opposite, so I am quite confused. Maybe I should switch to a cleanser with lover PH...

  21. Thanks cat! I've been thinking of buying this one online. And now that I've read your review, I will not think twice haha. I already bought the mizon snail eye cream and it's very good and doesn't cause any irritating feeling around my eyes.

    1. Hello, Cat! I love your blog and you have convinced me about trying the Mizon line (: . Would you happen to know if TOKTOKBOX-USA SELLER (Amazon) is trustworthy?. Thank you!.

  22. I, like you, am absolutely OBSESSED with the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. I use it every day and I have recommended it to everyone. I accidentally got sunburned on my arm (sunscreen application fail, horrid for a Fitzgerald I as you know) and I put this on instead of aloe. It took the heat and tenderness right out. I recommended to my niece who often gets rough patches on her face and not only did she love it she also uses it on her 4 year old who has the same problem. Another friend has a child with eczema and her daughter hated the stuff she was putting on because it burned. She started using this and the daughter's skin has completely cleared up. The cool thing is that it's for people of all skin types. You are right- it is THE PRECIOUS!

    1. Yesssss, I did the same when I managed to lobster myself with less than 10 minutes unexpected arm exposure! It was so much faster than aloe, and took the redness out within hours. Thank you snesus!

  23. Thank you for your awesome review! I have been using this gel cream for about 3 weeks and I am honestly amazed by this product! Being a cream snob and not ever using anything that was under $50 and up to absurd prices, (other than my mom's Ponds night cream I used as a little girl) I am seriously blown away at this gel's ability to keep my very dry dehydrated sensitive skin so hydrated ALL DAY LONG! I love the consistency, it's just the right texture for day use, and again, the fact that it keeps me hydrated is crazy to me because everything else I've used was very thick and rich, but never really socked into the skin the way this gel cream does. And the price? It's insane, almost seemed too good to be true. I go to the mirror (too) often just to admire how hydrated my skin looks. For a dehydrated skin girl, this is like a miracle shot!

  24. Should it go on before or after sunscreen?

  25. I was SO looking forward to trying this after your review, especially considering how relatively affordable and easy to order it is. However, no matter what I layer under this, the "sticky" texture that you report as going away within 30 seconds, sticks around on me for over an hour. This makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear, and means that I can't put it on at night because my face then sticks to everything- the pillow, my hair, my pet's hair, any stray fabrics lying around...it's pretty gross. I'll be keeping the Mizon All-In-One snail repair cream in my lineup, because I find that the light, quick-to-absorb cream gives me all the benefits of the snail mucin without any of the ick from the gel. I'm going to have to try out some other occlusive options to see which one will give me the soft-touch finish that I really want.

  26. This was such a great review. I have a combination skin and I suffered from a terrible infection on my cheeks few months back. I have a few spots and uneven skin around that area and was wondering if I should give this one a try.