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Here's a list of a few of my favourite k-beauty blogs (in alphabetical order) and their skin type:

50 Shades of Snail
Normal, aging skin type.  If you want ingredient-heavy reviews, new product announcements, interviews, and hilarious discussions of products with unfortunate names such as A-Sol, 'Fiddy Snails' is your woman.

Oily, acne-prone skin type.  Consumer psychologist, full of thought-provoking insights and candour, and one of the rare and precious person of colour voices in k-beauty.

Oily, hormonal acne skin type.  Comparison reviews, ingredients translation, NYC k-beauty scene reporting, bullsh*t detection, troubled skin war stories, new trends, haul enabling, and k-pop butt gifs.

Holy Snails
Normal skin type.  Are you feeling nerdy?  Like, deep down, need some DIY alchemy in your kitchen, what is Astaxanthin, tell me more about the chemical reaction of these two ingredients, serious nerdiness?  You're welcome.

Skin & Tonics
Normal-dry skin type. Knows her way around studies, launched the low-pH k-beauty revolution, and produces some of the best content in the world of k-beauty blogging, from reviews to routines.

The Beauty Wolf
Normal-dry skin type.  Licensed aesthetician-turned-k-beauty-blogger, beautiful illustrations, solid reviews, product announcements, and a balance of skincare and makeup.

The Wanderlust Project
Normal, oily skin type.  Travels and lives abroad in Asia, posting beautiful photos of her skincare and travels, reviewing products, and documenting the evolution of her (lovely!) skin.


  1. Wow!!Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish I could find a K-beauty blogger that deals with Rosacea. :(

    1. I know what you mean; I have the same problem. Before I got into AB, I made a pintrest board that is relatively disorganized but maybe you'd like it ( Some stuff there, too, is not actually appropriate (DON'T do the lemon/sugar peel!).

      But I'd suggest checking out ingredients! There is a post in there that contains a spreadsheet from the AB Reddit with tons of products and their complete ingredients. My board lists a lot of beneficial ingredients for sensitive skin/rosacea, and some scientific studies.

      Not plugging it (no reason to: not selling anything or anything!), but just thought it might be a good starting point. I'm personally just getting into AB. I finally figured out that I DON'T have rosacea (despite having been told I did by two different, apparently lazy, dermatologists): I have very dehydrated skin with a lot of sensitivities. Things like sulphur or rx topicals for rosacea wreck my skin. I think the clear defining line is whether you have breakouts or not. In my case, I do not. I just have red, sensitive skin. I trust you know your skin, but a lot of Western dermatologists are eager to label someone as having rosacea without a second thought (in my experience, and from what I've read).

      So I simplified my routine; focused on good ingredients with hydration and soothing characteristics (oat, apple cider vinegar, ceramides, and, above all, GLAs); figured out my sensitivities and cut out makeup that aggro'd my skin; scouted COSDna for ingredients before I bought anything, and everything's so much better! Now focusing on getting rid of all of this damn dead skin.

      Oh: and bought Etude Sweet Baby Choux in mint, learned how to apply it correctly, and now never have to wear base. HG, absolute HG cosmetic for me.

      But here are some good links for u, too:
      and skincare addiction on reddit has a lot, too. as does AB.

      Good luck, and I feel your pain!

  3. Anyone you know with dry skin and moderate cystic acne?

    1. Hmm, Skin and Tonics would be the closest that I know of; I know she struggled with acne a fair bit before she figured out what worked for her.

  4. What about someone with insanely dry and dehydrated skin? Or at least someewhat dry and dehydrated. I really want someone who has both so I can see what products would actually help my skin.