Weekday Randomness: Update on Haulzilla 2014; the line between high-maintenance and hoarder

Thank goodness for Weekday Randomness posts, because it gives me a loophole to post about other things without 'cheating' on my Feburary-exclusive 'Hanbang Set Project' schedule: Part I, Part II, and Part III are already live.

I had planned to do a Haulzilla/Empties post but there's no reason I can't do a wee update now, it's not like I am deliberately looking to change things up or anything, just because it's been All Hanbang All The Time! the whole month and I am feeling slightly ill at the prospect of more translations, nope not at all!  Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha. 


Anyway, you might be looking at this terrifying image of and thinking to yourself "Ok, how much of that could she have possibly gone through?!" 

Read the full post about the evolution of Haulzilla here!
Sure, it does look like a lot and you might be thinking it's impossible for me to have used almost all of it, but because I am a spreadsheet fanatic, you're going to see exactly how much I have left, how much I'm actively using, and how much is already empties, gifted, or discarded because my skin reacted poorly to it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let's take a look.

This is what Hauzilla looks like in spreadsheet form, all zoomed out so you can see it in its entirety:

You can see that it's broken down into two main sections, outlined in black.

The top section, shaded purple and pink, is the portion of Hauzilla that remains untouched.  I'll explain why it's two colours later.

The bottom section, which makes up a whopping 85% of Hauzilla, is products that I am currently testing, using, or in the case of the darkest green section, already completely used and emptied, those which were destined as Christmas gifts, or those which I tested and did not work for me, and have therefore been discarded.

So that huge green section?  All fully being utilized from Haulzilla.  I'm actually pretty amazed myself!

Not only that, but half of the 15% that is still unused is actually makeup, and because I work from home, I rarely wear makeup so my testing opportunities are limited.

Let's take a look at a more in-depth breakdown:

The purple section is the untested makeup, which is comprised of eyeshadows, a base (perishable), a primer (perishable), and a powder.

The pink section is untested skincare, but most of these are samples - there is one sleeping pack, and one light springtime moisturizer, but the rest are all samples.

You may have noticed there were a few shades of green in the above image, and here's how they break down: The lightest green is the products that I am currently using or testing in my routine; this includes every step including spot treatments like acne stickers.  

The next section is my makeup! I don't wear a lot of makeup so that section is pretty brief,

Next is sheet masks!  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY SHEET MASKS!  Unless of course you have more than you could actually use, but as you can see, I have used almost all of mine and am dangerously low.  I need to reorder some.

Lastly, the largest section is the portion of Hauzilla I'm already finished with.  You might be looking at that and wondering how I managed to go through all of it, but as I mentioned in the original Haulzilla post, I started collecting and using the products from last summer onward, so a significant number of the products were already long since emptied by the time I took a picture of everything together.

Still, it's impressive when you see it all together!  What's even more impressive, or terrifying depending on your perspective, is my box of empties.  I go through a LOT of skincare, even if I do get it as gifts for people and ditch things that my skin doesn't like.  Example- see all those pink boxes of Mizon Snail Recovery Gel up there?  (One of my HGs- click here for review) I'm down to my last one.  LAST ONE.  *shrieks in terror*  I did gift one but the rest of them of them were rapidly consumed (I go through a tube per month, usually) and I'm glad I purchased backups because I tear through those like Elvis on a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich and it's a pain to be reordering them all the time.

Do you ever look back at your trail of used products and marvel at how high-maintenance you must be, or is that just me?  Don't get me wrong, my skin is worth investing in, but I'm a little amazed at the volume of product I actually use.

Still, the line between high-maintenance and hoarder is whether or not you actually use it all, and I'm comforted to know it's the former and not the latter for me.


  1. Yes! I always have backups since running out while waiting for arrival from Korea means disaster. Mostly I sigh over how many nearly-fulls I've stashed away because they stopped working or broke out my stupid-fickle skin. Fortunately, my son has puberty-face so there's something under the counter for whatever complaints *he* has. But I still feel bad since my partner orders a lot of it for me after I've told him "omg, I need mooooore." Then "wait, never mind I need this other thing."

    1. Oh, and I think it's AWESOME you were able to get so many of your HG.

    2. It's a tough balance to strike at times - letting your skin be disrupted by a gap in a long-term product vs debating over backups. I actually just finished the last of the AHA serums I had ordered in the 'discontinued' scare, which was immensely satisfying. I had ordered a backup when I got halfway through my final bottle, so even with shipping delays I had a nice, comfortable two week overlap of the new bottle arriving before running out of the old one.

      Still, it's amazing to think of all those Mizon multiples (toner, aha serum, snail ampoule, snail cream, and snail gel) are all gone!