Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask Review

I'm doing a quick mid-week request a review on the Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask, which I received earlier this year in a mini haul from Testerkorea.  This is going to be a pretty quick review, because I wasn't able to find a full ingredients list, even on Korean sites.  If you find it somewhere, let me know!

I've been using on nights where my lips feel dry or are chapped, as it's not a 'balm' in the usual sense, it's literally an overnight sleeping pack ... for your lips?

Plus, its got Ginger Sugar in the name.  I love ginger.   I love sugar.  I love sugared (candied) ginger.  I am constantly out of lip balm because I lose them almost instantly.  Sold!

You might be looking at this barely-touched lip balm and think I didn't like it, but that's not the case. 

Full product name: Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask
Purpose: A lip treatment meant to be applied before bed and worn overnight, and then cleaned off in the morning,
Scent:  Sadly it's not at all like candied ginger, but it does have a soft orange scent with a hint of spice.  It doesn't really taste like anything, maybe slightly of the orange oil but definitely nothing sweet that would encourage you to unconsciously lick your lips.
Quantity: 25g, it's actually quite large for a lip product, more like a cuticle cream jar.
Rating: 4.5/5: It's a solid product that I really like, it would be a 5/5 if it smelled strongly of ginger or candied ginger.
Where to get it: I bought mine from Testerkorea, but it's available from other vendors as well.  
Price: 7,000-12,000 KRW, which works out to about $6.50-$11.50, although some places have it at ridiculous prices.  You can get it off Amazon for $10, or eBay for $10-$12.
Repurchase: It would take me forever to get through this, but I definitely would.

Full review:

Part of the reason why the dent in the product is so shallow is that it's actually extremely easy to pick up with just your fingers; a light swipe with a fingertip pulls up enough product to coat your lips, no digging into the product required.

I appreciate that, because often balms are either too firm and require using the back of your fingernail to scrape stuff out which get messy, or it's so melty/soft that you end up scooping up way more than you need.  Somehow, this is both firm enough to be stable yet soft enough to swipe up with no effort.  It is a mystery.

The lid has quite a bit of English (along with a cute ginger sketch) on it, proclaiming:  An overnight lip mask with ginger and sugar that moisturizes your dry chapped lips to create a smooth lip.

They're not kidding.  The first night I used this, I was put off a bit by the thick, almost sticky texture and was certain I was going to wake up with all of it transferred to my pillow and none of it left on my lips.

To my surprise, I woke up the next day with lips that were not flaky and peeling, but instead strangely plumped and still had a noticeable layer of the lip mask still on it.  I am not sure what sorcery they have employed to make this soft, moisturizing, and smooth to apply while still staying on your lips the whole night, but I appreciate it.

I find that any dry flakes that were on my lips lift away and are easy to gently rub off with a fingertip the next day, so there's no need for scrubs or other things that I find a vaguely terrifying prospect to use on chapped lips. D:  No offense if you use one and it works for you, it's just that when my lips are chapped enough to flake, they're really angry and hostile towards any further irritation.

The back has the directions of use, and after I had broken down my tripod, disassembled my jury rigged lights (yes, I still don't have proper lights), packed away my lightbox, and then spent a fruitless hour trying to find the ingredients online, it occurred to me that the OPEN text on the label probably meant I should peel it back.  Derp.

 What did I find there?  Yep, the ingredients, in impossibly small and blurred text that my tablet would completely refuse to pick out to translate, and my attempts to take a quick ad-hoc shot of them to run through an image reader resulted in my camera refusing to focus on it.

Clearly, these ingredients and I were not meant to be.

However, I was able to find some of the 'star ingredients' on's listing ($12) for it:
1. Shea Butter, Sugar, Beeswax , MuruMuru Butter in this product forms strong moisturizing layers when it spreads on the lips. So the proportion of moisture on the lips after 24 hours increases to the 17.5 %.
2. It can be used as sleeping pack only for lips for dry & rough lips. We can see that 22.8 % of Dead cells on the lips disappeared after 24 hours
3. Free of Artificial coloring & Fragrance 
4. Ginger + Orange oil helps to activate skin energy & relax body & soul Sugar + Shea Butter give the strong moisturizing by taking care of dead cells & forming moisturizing layers.
So clearly there are some usual balm-y suspects in here but according to the illegible clump of text on the inner label, there is a heck of a lot more stuff in here, probably involving heavy occlusives and mineral oil derivatives.

Usually I dislike products with Shea Butter in them because I find it has a very hard, waxy, and grainy texture but this stuff is smooth as butter, as you can see in the 'swatch' to demo the texture here.

I swiped up about three times as much as I normally use just to get it to show up on camera; trust me when I say a little goes a long way.

I have tried using this as a regular balm, and found the persistent sensation of it sitting on my lips annoying, but it's great for prepping my lips in the morning before I apply a drying lip product.  I have also dabbed a tiny amount over lip tints to add some moisture back into my lips, and it worked well for that as well.  I don't find that it has a high gloss, however, so it's really more of a lip nourishment product than a multi use balm.

Final Thoughts:

I like this product, enough to keep one side of it pristine while I use it so I can decant some with a cosmetic spatula and send to some friends.  Including the one who is on a prescription for Tretinoin and therefore is suffering from severe dry skin including her lips.  I wish I'd had a product like this when I was cross-country skiing back home.

If winter is ravaging your lips and you're looking for something serious to layer on it, texture and visuals be damned, you might really like this product for day use in addition to its overnight mask purpose.

It's pretty novel to have a sleeping mask/mask pack for your lips, but it's a great product for winter and I'm glad I got it; A++ would purchase again!

Do you have a favourite way to beat the winter dry lip blues?  Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter, or leave me a comment below!

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  1. I'd be so excited for this if it were really gingery. Minus that aspect, I need another lip balm like I need another hole in the head.

    1. Yes, I was pretty disappointed that it was not strongly gingery. I'd probably not use this as a lip balm unless your lips are in a State of Crisis and your vanity is out the window ;)

      Luckily the only person who is at risk to see this gooped up on my lips is the permanent roommate, and he's asleep before me soooo I can slather away! (Well, I would either way, but you know what I mean. ;) )

  2. Oooh, I've been looking for something like this actually. And it's a sleeping pack, so I need it. For reasons.

    1. It's pretty novel to have a sleeping pack for your lips for sure! I also don't tend to lose it, because it's not a balm that floats around my apartment/purse/cosmic sponge, it's nestled in with my PM routine products.

      It's definitely the only product like it in my collection, so I also needed it ... for reasons. (Luckily, they turned out to be perfectly valid ones, phew!)

  3. I just saw this the other day on testerkorea and I was wondering about it. Thanks for the review :)

    1. TK is also the cheapest price I've been able to find, so if you do find yourself hauling from TK ... ;)

  4. Yay great post, nice to see something different being discussed ;) not like emulsions, toners, and sleeping packs aren't but you know what I mean! =)

    I think I might get this, because I too have dry lips, and I prefer wearing more matte lipsticks.

    1. I do know what you mean, and I'm glad that you liked the review! I think if you wanted to do some serious pre-lipstick prep, this would work great.

  5. The only reason I hadn't caved for this is because I *feared* a ginger scent so its lack is music to my ears. If I can just make sure it doesn't have sunflower oil it will be mine...oh yes.

    1. I ... I swear I replied to this. I even remember typing a reply to it. O_o

      Did you manage to find out if it has sunflower oil?

  6. It's really good. Loved it, since I'm too lazy to do scrub and put lipbalm every single night xD
    Here the ingredient list:

    1. You are a gentlewoman and a scholar, thank you so much!!

  7. Where did you get your cosmetic spatula from?

    1. You can get spatulas online really easily! :)

  8. Finally picked up one of these at a local Aritaum, and I love it! Nothing else I've used stays and nourishes my lips overnight like this one, not even petroleum jelly. Mine has the english version of the ingredients since it's sold in the U.S, but cosdna users have also uploaded it in case you're curious (