A Quick Note: Something Fun is Coming!

Don't panic, I'm not on hiatus; I'm going through some massive real-life changes that resulted in me being extremely overworked the last few weeks, as well as having a lot more free time for the rest of the summer.  Woo hoo!

In addition to having more free time after I emerge from catching up on 5+ years of lost sleep, I'll have the time to finish working on a serious post with several sources and some delicate topics, and I want to do it justice.  But first, sleep.  Lots of sleep.

Flowers and mysterious something
What could it beeeee?
In the meantime though, I wanted let you all know that are some exciting things upcoming, so if you aren't following me on Instagram, I'd recommend doing so -- even if (or especially if!) you're outside the US.

As always, you can also connect with me on Facebook or Twitter; I tend to be the most active on the latter when I have nonsensical things to say, so be warned, heh.

All the best,


  1. Snow, thank you for sharing your opinion about Korean cosmetics! ��
    Have you tried Hada Labo hilauronic premium lotion?

  2. WEE~ I'm excited. Thank you for taking the time to manage this blog. I've always wanted to get into Korean skincare and your blog has helped me understand it a lot better. Sad that many of your favorites are discontinued/reformulated so I can never try them. :( But I'm excited for your posts about replacement products!