Hanbang for the Holidays Gift Guide III: Sheet Masks for the Commitment Shy

We've covered small-sized luxury in Hanbang for the Holidays Gift Guide I: Little Luxuries Under $15, and full-size affordable options in Hanbang for the Holidays Gift Guide II: Full Sized & Wallet Friendly, and now it's time to look at the easiest Hanbang (or at least herbal) option to slip into an existing routine: sheet masks.

Sheet masks are the guilt-free one night stand of skincare; you can wear a different one every night or double down with your favourites, and you can easily fit them into your existing routine if you're already happy with it.  They're also a fun thing to do with family or friends, which makes them an excellent gift option; it's an invitation to spend time together while pampering your faces.  They're also a small investment; most of my sheet masks are in the $1-$5 range (for the ultra fancy ones) so if it doesn't work out, you can walk away without wallet regret.

Sometimes I'm tempted to sing Part of Your World when I see my Hanbang mask collection: You want herbal masks?  I've got twenty.  Bit who cares?  No big deal?  I want moooooore ... 
I will warn you before we start that not all of these masks will be 'Hanbang' per se; Taiwan makes some of the best sheet masks out there and Hanbang and TCM (traditional Chinese herbal medicine) are based off the same principles. so I'll be including both in this guide.

In this series:
  • Luxe for Less: Little Luxuries Under $15 (link here)
  • Full Sized & Wallet Friendly: Full Size Products in the $20-$30 Range (link here)
  • Hanbang for Just One Night: Sheet Masks for the Commitment Shy (you are here!)
This list will also be a mix of sources; there will be the cheapest options for those preparing mega hauls from Korean sellers to maximize shipping cost value, and more accessible mini-haul options for those looking to just pick up a few masks.  I'm going to slap on a sheet mask as I write this (any time can be sheet mask time) and we'll begin!

Let's start with my favourite masks, because winter is here and my skin has been begging for these.  I have two favourites, one of which is more intense and thus more suited to winter weather.

Mediental Balhyo Masks

Mediental Hanbang Masks
Image from Sheet Mask Roundup and Holy Grail: Spring 2015
These masks are so Hanbang it hurts (in the best possible way) and they have a wonderfully soft and sleek fit, molding to your face for a fit so comfortable you just don't want to take it off.  The essence is incredible (it's almost a jelly, but fluid) and so, so hydrating.  You can learn more about these masks and why I'm so crazy about them in my Sheet Mask Roundup and Holy Grail: Spring 2015 post, where I wax poetic about their virtues and include an ingredients list.

Here's the list of masks from left, ranked from most loved:
  • Balhyo Jinjeong Troubled Skin Healing Mask (green)
  • Balhyo Mibaek Whitening Mediental Healing Mask (purple)
  • Balhyo Tanryeok Firming Mediental Healing Mask (yellow)
  • Balhyo Boyangsu Hydrating Mediental Healing Mask (blue)
Where to get them: I originally bought mine during imomoko's 20% off masks sale, which dropped the price down to around $2.40, and they had a low threshold for free shipping.

I've since purchased some from KoreaDepart, in a box of 10 for $15 + $13 shipping (I was hauling other things at the same time, but this would be shipping for the masks alone) which would be $2.80 per mask.  If you're planning on making a large KoreaDepart haul anyway, this would be a good option.

 You can sometimes buy them on eBay for $2.50 each ($13 for a pack of 5), and they're a whopping $3.50 on Amazon incl shipping.  These are not an everyday mask for me, but when my skin is in crisis or I have a special event coming up, these are my go-to masks.

Evercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet masks

These are my it's-not-winter-so-my-skin-isn't-dying-favourite masks.

Evercos masks
See Sheet Mask Roundup and Holy Grail: Spring 2015 for reviews of each!

Forgive me for sounding like a hipster (can that even be forgiven?) but when the silk mask craze hit the Asian beauty product fandom this year, I wasn't swept up in the the frenzy of love that befell most K-Beauty fans I knew, and the reason was pretty simple.  Namely, these Evercos masks.  While the ultra-soft, so-thin-it's-invisible, ultra-clingy silk masks revolutionized the sheet mask wearing experience, I'd already been experiencing this phenomenon with the Evercos masks.

Don't get me wrong, I like silk masks and I'll happily buy them (especially since they're easier to find) and they're perfect for the hot, sticky days of summer when you can't bear the idea of putting anything on your face, but I find that they don't have as much essence as Evercos masks and they give the same sort of fit, just a thinner sheet.

For reviews of 5 of the 6 types (I haven't gotten around to reviewing the 6th type as I'm not crazy about the floral scent) check out Sheet Mask Roundup and Holy Grail: Spring 2015.

Where to get them:  Now for the bad news.

11st: I purchased mine from 11st as part of a larger haul (you can read my guide on how to use the shipping coupons for 11st here) but due to the low list price and high shipping weight/cost, it's not feasible to do a purely-masks 11st haul.

Avecko: I've also purchased them via Gmarket using Avecko, because it was cheaper to have Avecko locally buy them and then ship them to me than to buy them from the international Gmarket.  Generally, they're between $1-2 each before shipping, but it's the shipping that will do you in.

TesterKorea: They're also available from Testerkorea for $3.50 ea ($17 with shipping for a pack of 5, by my estimation) but they're still pretty pricey.

eBay:  Yes, eBay.  I've found them- don't ask me the lengths I went to find them.  The problem is, they're $20 for a pack of 10 + $10 shipping, so $3 per mask.  OUCH!  However!  The seller does state that each additional item is only $4 shipping, so if you're thinking of getting some, try to group haul with a friend so you can 1. get more varieties, and 2. reduce the cost of shipping and thus pay less than $3 per mask.

Evercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet mask: 행인 - Prunus armeniaca
Pack of 10 for $20 + 10 shipping** so $3 per mask on eBay
**see discounted shipping option above

Evercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet mask: Phellinus 
Pack of 10 for $20 + 10 shipping** so $3 per mask on eBay
**see discounted shipping option above

Evercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet mask: Licorice
Pack of 10 for $20 + 10 shipping** so $3 per mask on eBay
**see discounted shipping option above
Evercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet mask: 어성초 - Houttuynia cordata
Pack of 10 for $20 + 10 shipping** so $3 per mask on eBay
**see discounted shipping option above
Evercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet mask: Ginseng
Pack of 10 for $20 + 10 shipping** so $3 per mask on eBay
**see discounted shipping option above

White-poria-10-oriental-herbal-face-mask-cellulose-sheets-essence-facial-skinEvercos Luxury Bogam Herbal Clinic sheet mask: White Poria

Pack of 10 for $20 + 10 shipping** so $3 per mask on eBay

**see discounted shipping option above

I like this mask fine, it's just got a strong floral scent as opposed to a herbal scent, which I don't prefer.

I'd still personally go for 11st or Avecko as my primary options, but for those of you who are feeling nervous about either, or prefer not to go with TesterKorea (TK once took at staggering 53 days to get my order, which means they'd never be here in time for the holidays) and are determined to get your hands on Evercos, they're now available through eBay!

Alternatively, if you're looking for a regular mask that is pretty, smells nice, and has a rich essence, you could check out the Illi Camellia Oil masks, which aren't a fave but if they came mixed in with something else, I'd use them.

Where to get it:  They're $2.50 per mask on eBay,

To be perfectly honest though, if you're going to spend $2.50 on sheet masks, I'd go for the Mediental ones for maximum pampering and skin-cell-gasmic hydration.  Not to mention the wonderful malleable sheet itself.  There aren't a lot of Hanbang mask options that I'd readily recommend (I've tried a lot of them, and there are only a few stand outs) but don't despair!

We're going to wave a wistful farewell to Hanbang masks, and turn our eyes to the TCM mask options from Taiwan, because they're cheaper, more readily available, and their silk masks are also lovely.

Taiwanese Silk Masks

Although Lovemore is the most commonly known silk mask brand, it's far from the only option.  I've tried several different types of Lovemore silk masks, and the stand out ones for me have been the Pearl Barley and Milk type, but they're not Hanbang/Herbal, so we're going to focus on those options.

Lovemore Snow Lotus Silk Mask
Lovemore Snow Lotus: do I have I weakness for namesake x herbal things?  Yes.
I've tried two of the Herbal types, Snow Lotus pictured here, and Black Pearl, and I have to say that while the packaging is gorgeous and it smells lovely, they're not as nourishing as I might hope.  That could be a good thing if you prefer really lightweight masks or you live in a humid climate

Where to get it:  I've ordered mine from Sasa in the past, but they seem to be out of stock.  I'm planning to pick up some of the My Scheming masks (they also have silk versions) on Sasa in boxes of 10 masks for $10.  Are they herbal?  Er, not likely, but I've heard great things about them and I'll be stalking them looking for herbal options, like this My Scheming Camellia box of 10 masks for $15 on Amazon.

Why look at My Scheming instead of Lovemore?  Because the Lovemore hype is driving up the prices past what I'm personally willing to pay ($1.50 per mask is about right) but if you are intent on trying some of the Herbal Lovemores, you can find them on ebay:

LOVEMORE-Cubilose-Extract-Hydrating-Firming-Facial-Mask-5pcs-NEWLovemore Cubilose Extract Hydrating & Firming Facial Mask

$14 for 5pcs, or $2.80 per mask on eBay (for that price, I'd rather by Evercos from TesterKorea, KoreaDepart, or 11st, but that's just meeeeee.)

I haven't tried these, but if they drop below $2, I'd definitely grab them!

LOVEMORE-Yurong-Scattered-Amazing-White-Whitening-Facial-Mask-5pcs-1box-NEWLovemore Yurong Scattered Amazing White Whitening Facial Mask

$14 for 5pcs, or $2.80 per mask on eBay

I have to say, this image is definitely #hanbangin' but again, that price.  Silk masks dry out so quickly on me that sometimes I have to #doublefistmasks when I use them.  My Scheming has a Herbal Anti-Acne Mask silk mask that comes in a box of 10 for $15 from Amazon ($1.50 ea), which is currently in my cart.

LOVEMORE-Herba-Saussurea-Involucrata-Revival-Facial-Mask-5pcs-1box-NEWLovemore Snow Lotus Revival Facial Mask

$14 for 5pcs, or $2.80 per mask on eBay

I do have a box of these, and looking at the packaging fills me with joy, but I'm not sure I would rebuy them, especially not at current prices.  They're lovely and light, so they'd be a good summer mask or humid weather mask, though!

LOVEMORE-Black-Pearls-True-White-Whitening-Facial-Mask-5pcs-1box-NEWLovemore Black Pearl True White Whitening Facial Mask

$14 for 5pcs, or $2.80 per mask on eBay

I've tried this mask as well, and have similar thoughts on it as the Snow Lotus masks; lovely, lightweight, pleasant.  On the other hand, My Scheming has a Black Pearl silk mask that comes in a box of 10 for $15 from Amazon ($1.50 ea), so I'll be checking those out as an alternative.

LOVEMORE-Pearl-and-Red-Pearl-Barley-Facial-Silk-Mask-Sheet-5pcs-1box-NEWLovemore Pearl and Red Pearl Barley Facial Silk Mask Sheet

$14 for 5pcs, or $2.80 per mask on eBay

It's too bad that these are so expensive, as I really loved the Pearl Barley and Milk Lovemore mask, but I plan to check out My Scheming's Green Tea & Barley Whitening Mask (I love green tea masks regardless) as they come in a box of 10 for $15 from Amazon, so they're $1.50 each.

However, these Lovemore alternatives from My Scheming aren't the only silk mask options I've resisting the urge to purchase.

The Lust List: pretty things I've been eyeing but haven't tried yet

Obviously, My Scheming is at the top of the list!  The silk mask market seems to be trickling over to the US so I imagine we'll be seeing more options.

In the meantime, here's some of the things that I've been eyeballing.

Soo Beauté Oriental Herbal Essence Masks (all of them other than Bird's Nest)

These are on special at Sasa right now; normally they're $1.50 per mask, there's a promotion where if you get 10 of the Soo Beauté masks (any type) they will be $8.90 for all 10; that's $0.89 per mask before shipping, and shipping is only $6, so that's 10 masks for $15 with shipping.

The varieties I'm looking at are: Oriental Herbal Essence Mask Cordyceps-Ginseng, Oriental Herbal Essence Mask Ganoderma-Ginseng, Oriental Herbal Essence Mask Angelica-Ginseng, Oriental Herbal Essence Mask Ginseng. and Oriental Herbal Essence Mask Scutellaria-Ginseng.

In Y:un Firming Silk Facial Mask - Whitening Vitamin 5 pack

Around $7 for a pack of 5, so $1.40 per mask on eBay

Aw yiss, silk masks.  I have not tried these (hence their place in the lust list of things not tried) but they look tempting and they come in several varieties including snail, so you know it's instantly got my attention.

DIY Silk sheet masks

10pc for less than $3, 20pc for $4, and 50pc for $9 on ebay

If you want silk x Hanbang, you may have to do it yourself.  These are en route; I have not yet confirmed if these are actually silk or if they are good.  DIY sheet masking doesn't always work, for the reasons I mentioned here: Making the Most out of K-Beauty: 5 Simple Hacks

That being said, if these work out and they're good, I'll definitely post about them!

Phew, I am worn out by this triple post!  I won't be posting next weekend most likely (but I'll still be active on Instagram), as it's a holiday weekend and family will be travelling to stay with us.  I hope these guides have been helpful for you if you're looking for a gift for the herbal at heart! (♥v♥)

All the best,

**Disclaimer: All products reviewed/mentioned in my blog, are 100% purchased with my own money, with a single exception of a press sample I tested & reviewed in 2015 which swore me off of them forever.  This blog contains  both affiliate and non-affiliate links, and clicking the former before you shop means that this blog may receive a small commission to assist in this blog supporting itself.  Please see my Contact Info & Disclaimer policy for more information.


  1. Do you patch test your sheet masks? I searched your blog, but couldn't find anything, I'm sorry. I've been wondering about this for a while, because I patch test all new products, but I don't know how to do that with a sheet mask without wasting the entire thing, and they're not cheap here.

    1. Unfortunately, it's not really feasible to patch test them - I know some people pinprick a corner and then put it in the fridge, but I would worry about spoilage. I try to only introduce new masks when I'm confident nothing in my routine is breaking me out.

  2. Thank you for the 3-part post! I've already bookmarked these for my next haul. #youresuchanenabler Have you tried any splash masks, like the Blithe ones from glow recipe? I'm wondering how they compare to sheet masks in terms of instant results. Sometimes I'm even too lazy to sit semi-upright for 30 minutes with the damn thing on.

    1. I'm going to be totally honest here - I loathe the idea of splash masks. The whole point of sheet masking for me is to luxuriate in this ultra-slow, relaxing, yet mess-free and convenient mask that I can slap on my face, putter around for 20-40 minutes reading the internet, playing on my phone, reading a book, cooking, replying to emails ... and it just hangs out on my face. The idea of adding more time in the shower or making an unholy mess of my sink (both of which are things I ALREADY have a problem with and do NOT like as it is) is just ... so extremely unappealing to me. Also, I'm not convinced that they do anything other that just douse your face with ingredients I could get in a nice essence or serum- it's just making me use this faddish and messy method for something that doesn't have any of the pampering appeal that a sheet mask does.

      Also, my face hates the water here, so I avoid wash-off masks as my skin gets so jacked up by the rinse water that it undoes most of the benefits of the mask. Add shivering from the cold air as I stand wet in the shower, with hair bedraggled everywhere, just so I can use a mask that is going to have most of the benefits washed away as soon as I rinse it? Or go to all the hassle of filling a bowl (let's not talk about my sink) with water and fussing around with splashing it on my face? No thanks! /end rant

      But that's just me. Brrr the thought of applying that in my shower ugh ugh ugh. Or wasting the water to keep the air warm while I do! Nope, just not for me.

      That being said, if you try them and feel they give good results, rock 'em! If you want something that clings better to your skin, maybe try wash-off packs or rubber modeling masks?

    2. Thanks for your honest reply! The thought did occur to me that mixing any goodness with my hard, alkaline water might negate any of the benefits of said mask, but, speaking to your earlier post, I'm definitely guilty of buying alllllllll the things. All of 'em. 😩Ah well, its a good thing I've just stocked up on sheet masks!

  3. I love Lovemore masks but you're right, the price is outrageous. I try to buy mine from BGO as they actually sell it for retail price (got 2 boxes for ~$10 and free shipping) but the site is in Chinese. I think BGO and Myhuo (another Chinese site) also carry My Scheming masks for around $10/box if not less!
    I haven't shopped at Sasa for a while but now that they have these mask specials I may need to check them out!
    Jenny // www.geekyposh.com

    1. Yeah, if you can get a BGO group order going (I think it's around $90 USD to get free shipping) it's definitely worth it.

  4. I took a chance and ordered the Soo Beauté Oriental Herbal Essence Masks from Sasa and I'm so glad I did! I got all the ones you are "eyeing" and the amount of essence in each package is ridiculous. My face can't absorb it all, so I use the rest on my neck, chest, arms and anywhere else I haven't already done yet.

    My favorite of the 5 was Cordyceps-Ginseng. After using this mask, my face glows to the point my fiance asked me what I did to my face. I love the masks so much that I went back to buy more during that deal! It does have a fragrance, but it does go away after a bit and it's not too overpowering to me.

    1. Omo, thank you for sharing! That's awesome that they worked out! Now I'm eyeing them even more lustfully, haha!

  5. Late to the party!!
    sasa has the soo beaute masks atm, buy 20, get 50% off!!

  6. Hi Cat, I just discovered your blog. I love your reviews. I bought a box of My Scheming 7-in-1 silk mask today and found it just as good as Mediheal. It was almost half the price of Mediheal.

    1. I am glad you are liking the My Scheming! I love how affordable they are. :D

  7. Love reading your blog! <3

    I have a question on mediental masks vs evercos. Why is mediental an occasional use only mask for you? Which is your favorite? In your original review post you said that the price of mediental makes them more of a special treat, but I feel like their prices are currently pretty comparable? ^_^

    1. <3

      They're an occasional mask for me because they're expensive- $2.50-$3 per mask, and that's way too much for an 'everyday' mask for me. My everyday mask limit is $1-$1.50, which is why I've been loving My Scheming masks for daily use lately- I can get a box of 10 for $15 from Amazon, and as cheap as $0.70 per mask if I haul them from TW sites directly. I like to use masks a lot, so they need to be cheap as well as good. :)

    2. Oh I see! That makes sense. Thank you! Then which do you like more? :D Evercos or Mediental?

    3. I like them both, the Mediental is heavier and more intense, the Evercos is lighter. The Mediental is too heavy for me for summer, but great in winter, and the Evercos is great all year round. :)

    4. Got it. Thanks so much! :D

  8. oh no, I wish I saw this post before I placed an order on 11st. I ordered all sheet masks on there and with the 20,000 coupon my shipping was still an additional $20 usd! No wonder you don't just do sheet masks. Still, the Evercos masks came out to $1.40 per mask so it wasn't too bad but I'll know for next time not to do only sheet masks!