Sheet Mask Reviews & Empties: a Month of Getting #Sheetfaced

I like sheet masks.  I like them so much I use them once a day (also known as 1일 1팩) or even twice a day.  Some days, I might even #doublefistmasks-- aka using two masks back to back, coined during a discussion I had with fellow Snailcaster Fiddy of Fifty Shades of Snail, which I shamelessly borrowed from the rich tradition in Canada (and elsewhere) of having an alcoholic beverage in each fist to ensure one can more efficiently imbibe without pesky interruptions like having to get up for another drink.  Hmm, I'm seeing a theme: #doublefistingmasks, #sheetfaced, drinking wine with a straw while masking ... well, considering the alcohol in some masks, clearly I need to write this review with a drink in-hand, eh?

This means I go through a lot of sheet masks, and it occurred to me that people might like to see the wreckage left behind after a month or so of rampant sheet masking.  Once a day, twice a day, or if it's prepping for a special occasion, even more?

Korean sheet masks & Taiwanese sheet masks
Mmm, sheet masks.

In this post:

  • 47 empty sheet masks
  • 24 mini reviews
  • Assorted inebriated jokes

As someone with chronically dehydrated skin that hates occlusive products, I have to spend a lot of time sloooooooowly restoring hydration to my skin.  Too many layers results in a build-up of product residue on my face once it's sucked the water out of  any essences, serums, and creams I apply.

So, I combat summer heat, winter dryness, stress, and laziness by doing the slow cooker Korean beauty equivalent: sheet masks.  20-60 minutes of slow, sustain saturation replenishes my thirsty skin and lets me relax from the long and stressful hours of my day job.  Here are my thoughts on this giant pile of mask empties!

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Brand: LoveMore (aka Lovemore, Love More) 

Lovemore silk sheet masks
As you can see, I like these a lot.
Lovemore is a Taiwanese brand, and was really the flagship silk material sheet mask to trend hard internationally; silk masks were a revolution in 2015.  People who hated the feeling of a clammy, constricting sheet mask were wooed by the featherlight material and ultimate cling of silk sheet masks.  Although I wasn't quite as sweet away in the whirlwind romance of silk masks (I'd already tasted the soft-and-clingy charms of Evercos and Mediental) these are a staple in my stable of sheet masks.
Lovemore Yurong Yurong Scattered Amazing White Whitening Facial Mask
Pros: Silk fit, Hanbang-style ingredients, pretty packaging.  Cons: Expensive, hard to source.  Repurchase: Depends on cost.  Available on:  Amazon  | eBay

Lovemore Bamboo Liquid Moisturizing Facial Silk Mask Sheet
Pros: Good fit, pleasant essence.  Cons: Paper not silk, expensive, hard to source.  Repurchase: If they were at a good price, sure. Available on: eBay

Lovemore Snow Lotus Revival Mask
Pros: Silk fit, nice essence, gorgeous packaging.  Cons; very expensive, hard to source.  Repurchase: If it's less than $2 a piece, sure. Available on: Amazon | eBay | Beautibi

Lovemore Pearl barley & Milk Smoothing Mask Sheet
Pros: Silk fit, creamy (not typical watery type) essence, amazing delicious smell.  Cons: Can be expensive/hard to source.  Repurchase: Every damn chance I get.  Love these.  LOVE!  See all those empties?  Unf.  Available on:  Amazon | eBay | Beautibi | BonjourHK

Lovemore Rosa Hybrida Whitening Mask Sheet
Pros:  Silk fit, rose scent, pretty packaging. Cons: Can be expensive/hard to source.  Repurchase: Regularly! Available on:  Amazon | eBay | Beautibi | BonjourHK

Brand: Evercos

Evercos Hanbang sheet masks
All the hanbang.  All of it!
Since I purchased these as a random YOLO in a haul from 11st back in early 2015, and they've since become very popular for good reason; the material of these masks is so soft and clings so well that they're like a thicker version of a silk mask.  They come in gorgeous packaging, they've got an intense Hanbang (herbal) scent, and they're my 2nd favourite masks, ever.
Evercos Luxury bogam Herbal Clinic Mask - Prunus armeniaca
Pros: Ultra-soft, silk-like fit, jelly-like essence, pleasant herbal+floral scent, soothing and hydrating, stays wet for a long time, gorgeous packaging. Cons: Hard to source at an affordable price. Repurchase: I am ride or die for Evercos. HG baby.  Available on:  eBay | The Wild Jasmine | 11st | TesterKorea

Evercos Luxury bogam Herbal Clinic - Ginseng
Pros: See above + amazing potent Ginseng scent.  Cons: Ginseng might be too hanbangin' for some, expensive, hard to source.  New packaging is not as pretty as the original.  Repurchase: Hell yes.  Full review here.  Available on:  Available on:  eBay | The Wild Jasmine | 11st | TesterKorea

Evercos Luxury bogam Herbal Clinic - Phellinus
Pros: Ain't no fit like an Evercos, unless it's a Mediental. More on that later.  Cons:  See above. Repurchase:  Absolutely.  Available on:  eBay | The Wild Jasmine | 11st | TesterKorea

Evercos Raspberry
Pros: Good fit, smelled nice. Cons: Not as silky/stretchy as the Hanbang masks, did not blow my mind.  Repurchase: Nope. Available on: 11st

Evercos Green Tea
Pros: Likewise with the Raspberry, it was pleasant. Cons: My nether regions are not aflame.  Repurchase: Nah.  Available on: 11st

Brand: My Scheming

My Scheming Silk Black Masks
Silk masks and black cloth masks are my jam.
My Scheming is like LoveMore's less fancy cousin; their 2015 masks are also silk, have a great clingy fit, and a nice hydrating essence.  They're also drastically cheaper.  What's not to love?  The fact that they seem to be reformulating their silk masks, and the results aren't pretty.  I still really like the original My Scheming silk masks, but I'm nervous.  Thankfully their black masks are also excellent in the 'fit-and-cling- category, as you can see.
My Scheming Hot Spring Water Moisturizing Mask (silk)
Pros: Silk material, ultra-light & ultra-clingy fit, generous essence, cheap.  (These were originally recommended to me by Fiddy of Fifty Shades of Snail.)  Cons: You could be playing the reformulation roulette.  Repurchase: It's the 2015 version, definitely.  Available on: Amazon | eBay | Sasa

My Scheming Raw Job's Tears (black cloth mask)
Pros: Soft & clingy fit, heavier material holds a ton of essence, takes forever to dry out.  Cons: More expensive than silk & not suitable for in-person banking.  Repurchase: Heck yes, I'll take one ten of everything.  Available on:  Amazon | eBay | | Sasa

My Scheming Goat Milk Moisturizing & Brightening (silk)
Pros: Silk fit & cling, nice essence, cheap.  Cons: Had an odd smell, plus reformulation worries.  Repurchase: Nope. Available on:  Amazon | eBay | Sasa

My Scheming Neroli Orange Blossom (silk)
Pros: Silk fit & cling, nice essence, pleasant smell, cheap. Cons: Potential stranger danger reformulation.  Repurchase: If it's the original silk version, yep.  Available on: eBay 

Brands: Various

Korean sheet masks
Mmmm, Mediental masks.
This is a motley of the good, the bad, and the unremarkable.  Also my HG masks, ayyy!  I also need to restock these badly, so if anyone seems somewhere that carries them for a good price (less than $3) please shoot me a message!
Mediental Balhyo-Jinjeong Mediental Healing Mask (green - trouble care)
Pros: This right here is my HG mask.  My special occasion/my face is on fire/treat choself/tretface peeling blues HG mask.  It clings like silk but it's thick enough to hold an insane amount of essence that waterbombs your skin like it wants to hydrate your dermis all night long, baby.  Cons: Expensive. It's the only mask I'll pay over $3 for.  Repurchase: Many, many times.  You n' me, Balhyo baby, 4ever. Available on: Amazon | eBay | Imomoko | KoreaDepart

Illi Ginseng Firming Hydrogel Mask
Pros: Smells like the body lotion, unf.  Also, I hate hydrogels. Hate 'em.  I like this quite a bit; it's soft, doesn't slide off my face, and hydrates.  The packaging makes me [metaphorically] hard. Cons: Expensive, hard to source.  Repurchase: For sure.  Even though it's a hydrogel.  Available on:  eBay | Bisou Beauty | Via Seoul

The Yeon Lotus Flower Whitening Pure Mask
Pros:It has a cotton/cellulose blend for that face condom fit without the face condom feel.  Nice scent, pretty package.  Cons: You might need a buying service to get it.  Repurchase: If I could find it and it was affordable, yes.  Available: no idea, sadly.

Honee Lane Hyaluronic Acid Ultra-Hydra Mask
Pros: Had a thin fit, was pleasant.  Cons:  It wasn't silk (I think) and I really can't remember much about it.  Repurchase:  Nah.  Available on:  Amazon

Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask
Pros:Smelled great, had a good fit for a non-silk mask, felt luxurious.  Material is some kind of hybrid.  Cons: Holy hell these are expensive, but I've regularly got them as GWP when I order regular Cremorlab products.  Repurchase: Heck yes if I can find them cheaply enough.  Available on:  eBay | TesterKorea 

Tosowoong Pure Deep Sea Water Mask
Pros: Oh man, I can't even remember. Pleasant. Inoffensive.  Didn't leave a dramatic impression. Cons: Clearly not a stand-out mask.  Repurchase: No, but would not kick it out of bed if it had snacks.  Available on:  Amazon | eBay | KoreaDepart | Mishibox | RoseRoseShop

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask - Aloe
Pros: Thin paper sheet with a decent fit, very cheap, decent essence. Cons: Not a wow-factor mask, cheap ingredients, not deeply hydrating.  Repurchase: No, but if someone was looking for a cheap ($1 or under) mask fix, I'd point them this way.  Available on:  Amazon | eBay | Innisfree Global | Jolse | RoseRoseShop | KoreaDepart

Goodal Watery-Blue Flower Calming Mask
Pros: It has pretty packaging. Uh. Creamy essence. Cons: Feels like you're mummifying your face in a sodden t-shirt. Repurchase: Nnnnnnopppe.  Available on: KoreaDepart

Ja Yeon Mapping Lemon Essence Mask
Pros: Pretty packaging, inoffensive mask, cheap.  Cons: My brain remembers nothing else about it, although I was really ill when I tested it.  Repurchase: No, but I'll use the others.  Available on:  Amazon | eBay

Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Mask
Pros: Fancy fancy packaging, hi-tech mask, very posh.  Cons: Smells like the revenge of your grandmother's forgotten perfume collection.  Repurchase:  Hah!  I gave the rest away to curious friends.  Available on: Amazon | eBay | KoreaDepart | Global Interpark

Brand not pictured: LS Cosmetic

Korean sheet masks LS Cosmetic Hanbok
These are also great.  Not Evercos great, but still great.
I completely forgot to include these in the photo for this post, as I had them set aside to take photos for their own review.  You can read here: LS Cosmetic Oriental Herbal Skincare Premium Mask Pack Review: Four Flavours of Hanbang.

With that, we're done!

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All the best,

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  1. Hi Snow, have you tried using the website They have a lot of those Lovemore masks you like. :) I can't speak personally about how fast shipping is/how good their service is in general (just found their website so haven't placed an order yet), but they seem to have a very good selection.

    About the Ya Jeon Mapping masks, I got a few of them as free samples from C&C Cosmetics (located in Montreal). The first one I opened had a bit of mold growing on it and the one I actually wore (I think the snail or collagen one) broke me out. Glad you seem to have had a better experience!

    Thanks for another great post! :)

    1. I am aware of that shop, but I don't shop there. Oh my God, mold?! Do not want!

  2. love love love! i wish i can go through sheet masks as fast/much as you. i am in sheet mask envy!
    PS: i am selling lovemore and my scheming sheet masks. no, not going to expire soon and yes authentic from taiwan. my mom gets me boxes from taiwan and there is no way i can work through that many. feel free to contact me if you'd like!

    1. Daily sheetmasking isn't for everyone, and our can get pricey, so just think of it as saving money. ;)

  3. I found several of those masks at my local Chinatown (Boston) for $3 for individual but the 10pack was slightly cheaper and they do discounts for bulk buys. Have you tried your local chinatown? If you're ever near Boston I can take a picture of the store(don't think I can type the name) I find them at for you to find too. They had the whole Mediental range as well as the ones that the package looks like a dress.

    1. Ooo, I am jealous! Unfortunately I don't have a local Chinatown;the closest is an hour away. If I get some free time to go on an adventure to a large city centre, I will check for sure!

  4. I recently fell in love with the Yeon's seaweed essence mask that I picked up at a shop while visiting NYC and cannot find it ANYWHERE on the interwebs, so I feel your pain. Probably going to have to bite the bullet on a buying service to get them.

    1. Nooo! It's like the one that got away. 😂 I'm planning a haul from Boyah Shop, and might ask her to see if she can find some for me.

  5. Hi there. Requested my husband to buy the lovemore mask during his trip to Taiwan. But he had some difficulties as some shops did not have them in stocks. Some of the retail staff updated him that they had returned their stocks to lovemore upon lovemore's request. He wasn't too sure why and I hope that they are not going to discontinue their oriental mask line and the milk barley face mask.

    1. This is terrifying. I am not sure if you read my recent posts about reformulations, but this is making me very nervous indeed.

    2. I just checked with Taiwan's Lovemore and they confirmed that the current shortage is due to their upcoming promotion of limited edition products in retail shops. The stocks were temporarily removed to make way for the limited edition sale. I am relived that it is not due reformulations/discontinuance of any of their masks!!
      *Note to self: Must always verify when asking my husband to buy anything.

      Their actual reply in Chinese, I used google translate: "您好,非常感謝您對《LOVEMORE》商品的支持與喜愛,由於配合通路推廣會有限定商品推出的規劃,所以部分系列面膜商品就會以短期銷售的方式出現在通路門市,因此會造成您可能前往門市想選購但卻已無販售的情況。若您對於《LOVEMORE》商品有任何需求或想詢問的資訊,也可以再私訊小編為您做詳細的答覆喔!"

  6. So funny that you posted this today- I just received an order from Crystal Cove Beauty and they included two Lovemore sheet masks for free, one of which is the Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing. I see that they carry them in their shop- 5 masks for $9. And they're in the US! Now I can't wait to try this.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to post these. I just went through a bit of a haul - uh... okay, I went wild with purchasing a boat load of masks as I was kick starting my face regimen back into gear. Sadly I see that some of your "not purchases" are items that are sitting and waiting for me to try. Question.... do you ever use a mask for a second time? Sometimes there is so much essence left in the package.... and when I use the sheet mask cover (pink plastic thing), I find that I still have so much essence left on the mask itself that I end up rubbing it all over my neck, chest, arms, etc to use up the moisture that is left. However, I have often wondered if I could fold it up, put it back in and use it the next day (refrigerating, of course).... Your thoughts?

    1. I wouldn't if I were you. Hygiene issues and all. Just use the rest of the essence and pat it on ur skin until it's all used up. I've purchased the Job tears and bidanpo healing masks and it does have a lot of essence so I just wear it for 2 hours-2.5 hrs until it is more dry.

  8. Your sheet mask pictures make me want to dive into them Scrooge McDuck style. Have you ever had that moment before?

  9. I'm absolutely a huge fan of sheet masks. I have about 100 masks in the fridge waiting for their turn to be used xD and my mum keeps nagging me for taking so much space where she can stock some food instead...

    My Korea Obsession | Korean beauty products'reviews, beauty tips and DIYs

  10. Hi! Just wanted to give you the heads up that it looks like Yeon is working on a global site and it looks like it's almost done. The lotus mask is priced at $1.99. I'm going to try to sign up for a newsletter or just continue to visit the site frequently until I can properly order. They will also allow for paypal payments. The site looks really nice, clean and to the point!

  11. Dear Snow!
    I love your blog!!! As a newcomer to all things K-beauty, I find your blog so educational!!! I recently purchased evercos masks and tried one yesterday for the first time...and it was heavenly...The best sheet mask I have used so far...The fabric was so soft and the essence felt so calming. The end result was soft and smooth skin that I kept touching every five minutes...ahhhh. Thank you for this!

  12. Hi!
    How are you getting your masks for so cheap? I consider $1.50-2.00 very cheap (in fact, when they cost that much, I generally stay away because I have a fear of paying for "drug-store" quality), and I've been known to reluctantly plop down $7.50 for dr.Jart masks at Sephora. (In my defense, they're brightening/whitening HGs for me.) I do like to use masks, but have had to save them before important events, or when I'm so stressed it shows on my face.

  13. I recently received in the post two of the Lovemore masks you recommended - Rosa Hybrida and Pearl barley & Milk. I used the Rosa on myself and the Pearl barley on my husband, who has rosacea. I ordered from Crystal Cove Beauty and they arrived in good time and I was happy to see she shipped to APO addresses.

    I have to say, I didn't know a sheet mask could be this good. With other sheet masks I have a sticky film that never seems to dry, but with the Lovemore, no tacky feeling and my face felt smooth afterward - I mean really smooth. The rose scent wasn't overwhelming at all.

    I could have put another serum on afterwards, but I didn't. I absolutely love the Lovemore masks. I have a few others ordered to try in the meantime, but I can see why you reorder!

  14. Hi, I'm using Sep cactus mask from watson which is korean sheet mask it seriously good . Help moisturized my skin well . Also I used bio aqua sheet mask range . It leave my skin plump and well moisturized. Help with skin brightness too . U can go n check it out .